Meet the Staff of Rise Auto Inc

Travis Skeen - Owner

385-429-3115 -

Travis has been working in the automotive industry in different capacities since 2014. His love for cars and motorcycles started at a young age, and has continued to grow and steer him to opening his own dealership. He saw a need to change the used car industry, one sale at a time, by offering trust and friendly conversation in place of aggressive sales tactics. His dream is to help individuals and families get out of bad situations and into smart buying decisions.                                             

Tyler Savage - Office Manager

385-429-3115 -

Tyler's positive and approachable attitude instantly relaxes all that he comes in contact with. His trustworthy and honest nature make him the perfect fit for managing Rise Auto. He is always the customer favorite, and is genuinely happy to help in any way that he can. If you are looking for someone who will shoot it to you straight, but also treat you like family, he is the one.