Customer Testimonials for Rise Auto Inc

Blake Aholelei - 2015 Toyota RAV4

Genuine, honest, and reliable company! I flew down from northern Idaho specifically to purchase a vehicle through Rise Auto, for the quality and price you just can't beat them! A number of days before, Travis helped reassure any doubts, sent over a price plan, essentially tailored everything to my wife and mine needs, made it all the more easier for us. Travis and Tyler were both very personable and honest in finalizing everything with me. Couldn't be any more satisfied with our purchase through them! Highly recommend considering them an option in purchasing your next vehicle.

Haylee Lynne - 2017 Nissan Rogue

Travis has been amazing to work with. I haven’t even bought my new (used) car yet, but he has been a dream. Rise Auto was the first dealership I went to and I’ve been to several since, yet, I keep thinking back to Rise Auto, due to the experience I had when I went to test drive two cars. He didn’t pressure us into anything, he was extremely welcoming and personable, etc. Buying a car is extremely stressful regardless of where you go, but I truly believe that Travis has done an amazing job at making this process as painless as possible.

I’d recommend this dealership to anyone and I haven’t even finalized the purchase. Thank you, Travis and Rise Auto!

Kylie Payne - 2007 Toyota RAV4

Excellent customer service! Car was in beautiful condition and prices were amazing! Would highly recommend.

Casey B. - 2016 Toyota Corolla

I worked with both Travis and Tyler while purchasing a car this last week and they were both exceptional! I usually stay away from dealerships because I hate the pressure that salespeople often use. I felt complete honesty, transparency, and no pressure during my time there. I felt like they wanted my business, but worked for it rather than pressuring or tricking me into it. I would recommend this dealership.

Alara Roberds - 2010 Subaru Forester

Awesome experience! I found the car I've wanted for awhile on his lot, and Travis was so accomodating for me and my budget. His prices and trade-ins are incomparable to all other dealerships. I'll be passing the word along about this place, thanks for making it such a painless process.

Terry N. - 2016 Toyota Corolla

Finding that I had to replace my car quickly after being in an auto accident, I found myself at Rise Auto. Travis was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He helped us get the car we were looking for and also helped get the recall notice taken care of before we picked it up.
Thank you Travis for your time and efforts.

Clay Christiansen - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

We had a great experience with Rise Auto. They were very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend buying a vehicle thru them.

Keyon Ali Hejazi - 2017 Toyota Yaris

This is the best used car dealer in Utah. The owner is genuinely nice and helpful and doesn't act shady like a lot of the other dealers in town. The lot is very professional and has a great selection with the best prices on the market. The owner is very honest about the cars he is selling. I pointed out a few little things my car of interest was missing and he went out and bought all of them with his own money within a matter of hours (and he didn't even know if I was going to buy the car). He went out of his way to meet every single one of my needs. Seriously, if you want the best quality, lowest prices, and most honest dealer, go to Rise Auto. This local business deserves an award. If my perfect little Yaris EVER dies I'll be stopping by Rise to get my next one without a doubt.

Bethany Petersen - 2015 Toyota RAV4

Travis was so helpful and completely low pressure. He’s all about getting you the right car for the right price. I did a trade-in and the whole process was so easy. I love my new car!!

John Raines - 2005 Nissan Altima

Travis went above and beyond for me highly recommend doing business with the guy integrity in the used car game.

Matthew Petersen - 2015 Toyota RAV4

My wife and I were looking for a car and we found a bunch of reasonably priced cars at Rise Auto. The owner, Travis was so kind. We were in and out in under an hour and now own a beautiful Toyota Rav4 with low miles. We’ve owned it for 3 weeks now and have had zero issues. THANK YOU RISE AUTO! We will be back to you for our next purchase.

Haylee Thomas - 2015 Honda Fit

We had a great experience at Rise Auto and working with Travis. After experiencing pushy and manipulative salespeople at Larry H. Miller, meeting with Travis was a breath of fresh air. He listened to our concerns and was willing to be flexible with fixes. What initially drew us to Rise Auto were the reasonable prices. We purchased a 2015 Honda Fit and the mechanic we took it to before purchasing said there were a few things that would need to be replaced. Travis replaced them free of charge and took off a few hundred dollars to replace the tires. He went way out of his way to make sure we drove away feeling completely at ease. We've been driving our car for about 3-weeks now without any problems or worries. I would absolutely recommend any friend or family purchase from Rise Auto!

Baylee Park - 2015 Toyota RAV4

Rise auto is a great company, with awesome employees! They are so helpful and kind. I definitely recommend getting a car from them :)

Miguel Padron - 2015 Toyota Corolla

Excellent guy I love him, really good service the cars and the deals are the best in Utah.! I’ll be back for sure I love my car.

Heather Goldman - 2015 Ford Fusion

Amazing customer service and vehicles are priced great. Travis takes care of everything you will definitely feel at ease with the buying process.

Randy Aiken - 2015 Toyota RAV4

My wife and I were looking at a RAV4 that Travis had on his lot. He was extremely helpful, and even went so far as to estimate what the total out-the-door cost would have been for it. The only reason we didn't purchase the RAV4 was because we really wanted the AWD and the one Travis had was only FWD. But he was so friendly and helpful that we were almost willing to buy just to buy from him! Highly recommended. I will be referring others to his business.

Grace Hartzell - 2014 Honda CR-V

My husband and I drove down from Idaho to work with Travis! He was extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole process.